Since this is my first “official” promotion for Peekaboo Pattern Shop on my blog, I thought it was appropriate to start off in style with a little formal-ish wear!


The Little Gentleman’s Suit Jacket and Little Gentleman’s Tie are patterns that I’ve owned for a long time (I’m a PAB pattern hoarder!).  When my daughter was asked to be a flower girl in my cousin’s wedding, I knew I would sew her dress.  I also wanted my son to have a special outfit even if he wasn’t in the wedding party.  Peekaboo’s Little Gentleman’s Jacket and Little Gentleman’s Tie were the perfect fit for this Texas ranch wedding!


At the time leading up to the wedding, my son was obsessed with Star Wars.  I thought, “wouldn’t it perfect to line his jacket in Star Wars fabric?”!!  It would give it that special touch, but be a secret just for him!  He was totally into that!!

File Jul 30, 1 14 25 PM

I guess the reason I had the pattern for so long without sewing it was that I was secretly terrified!  The cover photo and listing photos made these jackets look really professional.  The wedding date was getting closer and trying to find something to fit in his size in a store was out of the question.  My son is very slender and store bought clothing doesn’t always fit.  I just had to overcome my fear and do it!

Photo Aug 02, 9 37 45 PMThe jacket went together smoothly.  At one point (and I still have no idea how this happened), I did end up sewing the sleeve and the lining in a giant circle instead of the lining ending up on the inside of the sleeve.  After a good laugh, I hopped on over to the Peekaboo Pattern Shop Facebook page and asked for help!  In no time at all I was back in business!


From what I remember, the jacket took about 3 hours to make.  When I sew a pattern for the first time, it’s not uncommon for it to take longer.  And since this was for a big day, I wanted to take my time to make sure it looked really nice!

Photo Aug 02, 9 38 20 PM

I also paired the Little Gentleman’s Bow Tie with the jacket.  My son chose the bow tie over the regular tie.  I had some scraps of navy fabric in my stash and within 20 minutes, he had a professional looking bow tie to complete his ensemble!

Photo Aug 02, 9 39 10 PM

The back fastens with velcro, so I didn’t have to worry about getting the fit super exact (and he could put it on himself, which he thought was pretty cool).  For a kid that usually wears t-shirts, he was over the moon to wear this special mommy made outfit for this incredible event!

Photo Aug 02, 9 36 42 PM

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