I’ll start by saying that I absolutely adore any garment that I can make in about an hour or less.  We are in the midst of back to school craziness in our house.  I really needed to create some things for my kids to wear … and quick!

Photo Aug 25, 10 48 58 AM

Blaverry’s Thea was perfect!  I ran to our local fabric store and found this yummy Art Gallery knit with the Fall color scheme I was looking for!  Peekaboo Fabric Shop‘s mustard solid cotton lycra was a perfect match for the print!

Photo Aug 25, 10 49 48 AM

Thea is newly revised and has all of these amazing features:

• clickable table of contents
• now 3 sleeve lengths to choose from
• more size and garment finished measurements
• new pattern nesting for easier size blending
• instructions on how to properly select your size(s)
• instructions on how to blend sizes
• printable page to record measurements and notes
• printable design/coloring page for you and/or your kids
• re-designed pattern pieces for easier size blending

Photo Aug 25, 10 48 41 AM

Since it is still quite sticky down South, I chose the half sleeves which I find pairs nicely with the Blaverry’s Emily Ann Cardigan on crisp days or is perfect for wearing alone on these warm evenings!

Photo Aug 25, 10 50 22 AM

The pleats are my favorite part of this pattern!  My daughter loves anything that twirls.  It was so hard getting pictures of her for this post because she just wanted to twirl and twirl!  If you haven’t done pleats before, don’t let them scare you!  They are quick and easy (faster than gathering) and add a nice shape to the skirt without the added bulk.

Photo Aug 25, 10 49 10 AM

Happy back to school to all of you!  I can’t wait to share more Fall wardrobe creations with you!

Photo Aug 25, 10 43 33 AM

You can also check out more versions of Thea by my fellow Blaverry bloggers!
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5 replies on “Thea by Blaverry

    1. HA! Thank you Felicia! That’s a huge compliment seeing as how I’m so new to taking decent looking pictures!!! You don’t want to see what goes on behind the scenes! Ruby sang every version of Old McDonald known to man while twirling around! It was so hot that I needed a new shirt when we were done!


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