I keep hoping that if I sew long sleeve tops or jackets that the cooler weather will find it’s way down to South Louisiana!  It’s September and so far, no luck!  I suppose I should stop holding my breath on this one!  At this point, I will at least be ahead of the game when that first cool spell decides to show up.


My little Rue will be all set in her new Bridgeport Jacket from Peekaboo Pattern Shop for sure!  I wanted her to have a new denim jacket for Fall and I had just the right amount of this mid-lightweight denim in my stash!  You seriously never know what you might find in my sewing room!

The wonderful thing about the Bridgeport Jacket is that you can make it a light weight windbreaker or you can make it a bit heavier with fleece.  It is suggested that if you use fleece, that you size up.  Testers in this group used Boardshort, French Terry, denim, quilting cotton, and cotton lycra.  I love being able to combine so many different fabrics for a variety of looks!


The jacket is fully lined and some testers made the jacket reversible by added a reversible separating zipper.  Ruby’s jacket features denim and some fabulous Amy Butler quilting cotton on the exterior and super soft turquoise cotton lycra from the Peekaboo Fabric Shop as the lining.


Two cuff options are included in the pattern.  One for knit cuffs (using ribbed knit, cotton lycra or something with great recovery) and one for wovens.  I chose the woven elasticized cuffs for Ruby’s jacket.  It was a bit tricky to get those cuffs under my sewing foot, but it was well worth the effort when I saw how nice they looked on the jacket!  The topstitching on the cuffs helps it to have a more store-bought polished look.

Windbreaker14The exterior welt pockets are amazing and super easy!  Don’t ever let welt pockets scare you!  Amy clearly shows step by step how to do them and you will be pleasantly surprised and how professional they look!  Piping is also included as an option between the upper and lower portions of the exterior.  For this jacket, I decided to leave the piping off.  However, several testers used it for girls and boys and it looks fantastic and doesn’t take that much longer to add!

I dreaded the zipper.  I was sure that the accent pieces would be wonky!  I built up this molehill in my head about how awful the zipper steps would be.  Then I took my time and carefully read each instruction and it came out perfectly lined up along the front on the first try!  Basting is key…don’t forget that part!  I needed to shorten my zipper for this project since Joann’s only carried evenly sized separating zippers.  You can check out my tutorial on how to shorten a zipper without losing your mind here!


I can’t wait to see your Bridgeport Jacket creations soon!


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