If my little Rue isn’t singing, then she’s playing pretend or helping me cook!  I can’t tell you how perfect the Jack & Jill of All Trades from Caliana Design is for her!


The full pattern bundle features a full and half apron with two hem options (curved or straight).  You can also choose between square pockets or a full pocket (pocket styles are interchangeable with apron views).  The apron I made here is the half apron with the full pocket.  It’s roomy enough to fit her note pad and pencil…and probably a whole tray of fake food!  I should probably check to make sure there’s no real food in there…..  😉


The real bonus with this pattern are the hats!  A chef hat for when your little one wants to help in the kitchen and a beret for when they are ready to paint (or in Ruby’s case, when you’re ready to be a French waitress!).


The sizing ranges from 18mo. – 16!  Seriously great for all ages!  Grab your copy now – this pattern is so quick and easy and is perfect for birthday and holiday gift giving!   There are three purchasing options.  You can get the straight hem bundle here, the curved hem bundle here or get the full bundle here!

I strayed from the directions on the beret just a little by adding Fold Over Elastic (FOE) instead of a bottom band.  If you’re interested in making this variation, you can follow the easy steps below.

Cut and assemble the upper and lower crown pieces as per the pattern instructions.  Do not create the gathering stitch along the inner crown piece.  Instead continue below:

Cut your FOE according to the length on the elastic chart.  Most FOE has a shiny side and a matte side.  Decide which one you want as your right side and wrong side.  Over lap the ends 1/2″ and stitch together – you can see I stitched it twice where my fingers are (black thread on black elastic..sorry!).


Next mark off the elastic in quarters and also mark off the inner crown raw edge in quarters. FOE Tutorial2.jpg

Matching your pins, you’re going to pin the wrong side of the elastic to the wrong side of the lower crown edge.  You’ll line it up so that the fold in the elastic is even with the raw edge.

Using a long, narrow zig zag, sew the elastic on.  You don’t want your stitches to go past the fold in the elastic.  You will be stretching the elastic to fit the beret fabric.  Be sure to backstitch when you start and end.


Next, fold the unsewn elastic edge over to the right side of the fabric.  Again with  your long, narrow zig zag stitch, topstitch the elastic, making sure you backstitch when you begin and end.  Sorry for the blurry pic – apparently I’m not coordinated enough to stretch elastic with my right hand and take a photo with my left!!


And voila!  You have an extra option for Fold Over Elastic on your new Jack and Jill of All Trades beret!  Bon Appetite!

You can grab your copy of Caliana Design’s Jack and Jill of All Trades Apron here!

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