Despite the heat and humidity of South Louisiana, we love being outside!  It’s the Sportsman’s Paradise and we adore every aspect of the Great Outdoors!  Welllllll, except for the mosquitos.  We’re still questioning their existence.

It should start getting cooler soon (we can hope, right?!) and I thought I’d start to create Ruby’s Fall wardrobe.


My daughter lives in leggings all year round.  I can’t say that I blame her – they look so cute and match with everything!  When I’m looking for a super fast pair of leggings, I turn to Peekaboo Pattern Shop‘s Lollipop Leggings.  The ones here are just basic and are made with Aqua cotton lycra from the Peekaboo Fabric Shop.  The pattern features three lengths, a two tier skirted option, a button tab or ruffle embellishment for the bottom!  You can’t go wrong with Lollipop Leggings.  I’m pretty sure Ruby has the entire rainbow of colors!


And since they coordinate with just about everything in her closet, we paired it with her favorite Little Miss Sunshine Tee from Peekaboo.  This shirt is so fast  because there are no sleeves to set in!  The royal blue cotton lycra fabric I used here is so super soft and has great stretch and recovery.  But my absolute favorite thing about this tee…it can be worn frontwards or backwards!!!  I needed a plain tee for this photo shoot, so I just had her turn it around with the words to the back!   Shhhh…that is our little secret!

The highlight of this ensemble, though, is her Great Outdoors Reversible Vest!  The Great Outdoors Vest was the very first Peekaboo Pattern I bought way back in the day!  And for some reason, I never got around to sewing it up.  Every year I would just drool over all of the amazing ones posted in the Peekaboo Pattern Shop Facebook Group.  What was I waiting for?!!!!

I used a Riley Blake corduroy for the main outer fabric and lime green cotton lycra from Peekaboo Fabric Shop for the inner fabric.  I used batting between the layers to make it a little poofy!  Side seam or patch pockets are included for warming up little hands on cooler days.


For this one, I chose the collared vest with a removable hood (because let’s face it, Ruby will change her mind about 20 times as to how she wants to wear this vest!).  The vest can also have a snap closure and/or fixed hood.


I also used my Silhouette and heat press to jazz up the inner fabric of the vest!  It’s two, two, two vests in one!  Actually it’s so much more since she can wear it with or without the hood also!


Stay tuned for more of Ruby and Woody’s Fall wardrobe creations in the coming months!

*This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links, I make a small commission.  Thanks for your support!

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