When I first learned to sew, I never in my wildest dreams envisioned myself making my kids’ entire wardrobes.  And by entire wardrobe I mean dresses, pants, leggings, skirts, shorts, tanks and EVEN undies!

Peekaboo Pattern Shop’s Maui Muscle Tank, Coastal Craze Baggies Shorts and Cozy Critter Socks

My kids love mommy made clothing for two reasons:  they fit and they look store-bought!  Anything my kids see in the store, they know to ask first if Mommy can make it before they ask to buy it!!  The answer is generally “Yes, Mommy can make that” and we all end up with big smiles!

I wanted to share with you what I like to call the “Classic Undies Collection” using patterns from Peekaboo Pattern Shop (I totally made up that name, but it does have a nice ring to it!).

As cooler weather approaches (I keep typing this and it just isn’t working!!), we need to think about layering.  Not that it gets that cold in South Louisiana, but since my kids don’t like wearing jackets, a simple undershirt/tank does the trick!  Peekaboo Pattern Shop’s Tide Pool Tank is amazing.  Not only can it be worn as a simple tank during the summer, but since it is a slim fit tank it is perfect for layering!

Tide Pool Tank, Classic Oxford Button-Up and Rough n’ Tumble Pants

The Classic Boxer Briefs are my son’s absolute favorite!  He’s very slender and store-bought boxer briefs just don’t fit right without having a saggy butt.  It is so super fast that I can whip up a ton in no time!  He loves picking out the fabric for them too!  For these he chose super hero fabric to match his Tide Pool Tank and his new Cozy Critter Socks!


And the really amazing part about learning to sew is that I can now make socks to complete the ensemble!  Peekaboo‘s newly released Cozy Critter Socks are a breeze and are so cute plain or with added applique/embroidery templates.  For my son, I made a pair of ankle socks from two-tone charcoal cotton lycra from Peekaboo Fabric Shop.  Then, he asked for a pair to match his Classic Boxer Briefs and Tide Pool Tank.  So I whipped up the Super Star in crew length.  For this pair I added “Super Star” onto the bottom with glow in the dark Heat Transfer Vinyl for a fun touch!

Crew Length (left), Ankle Length (right)



The Cozy Critter Socks Pattern features 3 sock lengths (ankle, crew, and knee) and has some really cute applique templates and instructions to make the “critters”!   Sizing is from 3mo – 12 years and an adult pattern is in the works!   The Cozy Critter Socks can also be lined or made from fleece for extra coziness.  You will want to make these for everyone in your family – and they make really cute stocking stuffers too!

Here are a few more pictures from our photo shoot!!  What can I say, he’s a Peekaboo Boy!


** This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the link, I receive a small commission.  Thank you for your support! **



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