I am so honored to be part of the Love Notions Celebration this week!  I do have to admit that before I was asked to partake in the blog tour, I had never sewn up a Love Notions pattern.  I know, crazy, right?!  I’ve seen all of the other gorgeous creations online, but life happened and for one reason or another I just never got around to stitching them up.  Well, now I am Hooked…with a capital H!

I decided to make the Vanguard Kit for my son.  He’s growing like a weed and all of his winter clothes from last year are high waters and belly shirts!  I went by the measurements on the chart included in the pattern and the fit was spot on!


My son loves to be outdoors.  If he’s not climbing something, digging something or riding something then we know he must be sick!

He’s also getting a bit more particular (at the ripe old age of 5.5) about what I make for him.  The beauty of the Vanguard Kit is all of options!  So we sat down one day and I showed him all of ways the top and bottoms could come together (v-neck, crew neck, hoodie, color-blocking, etc).  He chose the V-neck with only the top portion color-blocked.  He also liked the color-blocking option on the sleeves

For the bottoms, well, he’s all about pockets.  Remember the digging I mentioned earlier…  I have a feeling these pockets will be loaded down with “treasures” in no time!  I didn’t even have to ask if he wanted ALL of the pockets!

The fit of the pants with the double pleats really adds for ease of movement.  He had no trouble climbing the trees or riding his scooter or looking for rocks to skim into the lagoon!


Let’s just talk fabric for a minute – I am a total fabric hoarder.  My shelves are totally spilling out onto the floor.  I just can’t help myself!  For this Vanguard Kit I happened to have all of this in my stash!  It was amazing!

His top is all french terry.  The stripes I’ve had for a really long time and they may have come from GirlCharlee.  The solid navy French Terry has lycra in it…totally dreamy and soft.  It comes from NR Fabrics on Facebook.  She has several colors!   His pants fabric is navy sweatshirt fleece from Peekaboo Fabric Shop.  He loves that fabric and didn’t want to take the pants off even though it was 90 degrees when we took our pictures!  (You can tell by his goofiness that he’s totally comfortable in this outfit!).


Even though this was my first official Love Notions creation, I guarantee it won’t be my last!  In fact, with the Love Notions Celebration, all single patterns are 50% off…YES…50% off!!!  I now have more than a half dozen waiting for me on my cutting table!

Don’t forget to stop by the Love Notions Blog and the Love Notions Pattern Support Page on Facebook to keep up with all of the details from the Love Notions Spectacular!

Love Notions would like to thank all of the amazing bloggers on the tour. Please be sure to stop by and see what awesomeness was created! And don’t forget the guest bloggers participating each day on the Love Notions Blog!
**This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links I receive a small commission.  Thank you for your support! 🙂  

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4 replies on “Love Notions Celebration Week!

  1. Great job, Kasey! Your sewing skills are flawless! (as usual!) I have this pattern and you have inspired me to get it sewn up for my grandson. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that it was 90 degrees. Being from Louisiana,myself, I was thinking , “How does he NOT look like he is even sweating?!?” LOL!

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    1. I had to work quickly on this photo shoot. Both of my kids get really rosy cheeks pretty quickly on days like that! He was sweating by the time we finished! I brought shorts and an tank for him to change into!


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