I think we can all agree that the big box stores make everyone nuts by displaying Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over.  I need time to take a breath between holidays, y’know!  So now that all of my Halloween decorations are officially packed away and I’ve had time to sip and nibble at Pumpkin Spice everything, I am officially ready for the holidays!



Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit more than a fun new holiday pattern!  For those that know my little Rue, she loves a good dress!  She loves getting all dressed up with fancy shoes, glittery makeup and her favorite Princess Leia side buns!


I was thrilled to test Peekaboo Pattern Shop‘s Jubilee Party Dress!  I was torn in fabric choices – fancy special occasion fabric or a holiday themed quilting cotton.  Ruby wanted shiny and sparkly and I wanted practical!  I love that the pattern allows for either option!  For this one, I opted for quilting cotton from one of my favorite local sewing boutiques, Chateau Sew & Sew.  They carry a wide selection of Japanese import fabrics; being around such gorgeous fabric all in one shop made it tough to choose just one combination!  I finally paired this gorgeous Cotton + Steel Garland Facet in Pink with the Sprinkle Alexa Turquoise for accents.


I took Rue with me to buy the notions, lining and tulle.  Of course, she insisted on the fancy tulle with the sparkly rhinestones … and you know what, it really made the dress pop!

The dress sews up really nicely.  It was my first time doing an invisible zipper.  I can say that the instructions and photos in the pattern make it a breeze!  You’ll just need to pay attention to seam allowances when attaching the collar and zipper to make sure that everything lines up properly (the pattern instructions will remind you and give helpful tips along the way).


I suggest lining the dress in apparel lining fabric as opposed to quilting cotton or broadcloth.  The silkiness of the apparel lining fabric helps the tulle to hang nicely and not get bunched between the underskirt and main skirt fabric.  And I also think Ruby loves the silky feel inside against her skin.





The tulle is attached to an underskirt and can feature one or two layers for varying amounts of fluff (I used 2 layers of tulle here).  Because of the construction, the tulle is not directly next to the skin so there’s no need to prepare your child for an itchy fit!

I absolutely love the details on this dress!  The dainty peter pan collar, tulip sleeves and peekaboo tulle make this a classic design that suits a wide range of ages (I secretly wanted this dress for myself…it’s so Audrey Hepburn!).  You can add optional piping to the bodice and sleeves for extra pizzaz!  That was my compromise for shiny!

I can always tell when a pattern will be a hit in our house by two factors: 1. Ruby refuses to take the dress off after fit pics and 2. she requests a second dress to pair with shoes she saw in the store!!

So even though this is her first Jubilee Party Dress, it certainly won’t be her last!  Tis the season, ya’ll!


**This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links, I receive a small commission.  Thank you for your support!

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