The holiday season is in full swing and my little Rue will be hitting all of the parties in style!  Mommy made style, that is!

She was so so so excited when she saw the first Mistletoe Dress I made during testing for Petite Stitchery & Co.!  She asked to put it on right away and refused to take it off until bedtime.  Then she requested about 3 more as she dug through my fabric piles!  Did I mention she was excited?!



The Mistletoe from Petite Stitchery & Co. is simply gorgeous.  And by that I mean that it’s such a quick and easy sew with the finished product looking absolutely amazing!


I was pressed for time during Thanksgiving week with my kids off for an entire week.  I normally don’t sew when they are home – so it was a VERY long week!!  However, they did manage to entertain each other for a good while so I was able to squeeze in two quick dresses!


I made the simple circle skirt version.  Ruby loves to twirl and dance!  Any time I make skirts, she has to do the twirl test first!  The bodice of the dress is knit and the skirt is woven cotton.  The bodice is fully lined and has a slight scoop back which means no buttons or closures! (p.s. if you’ve ever tried to get a 4 year old to twirl for a nice picture without falling over or showing her undies as she spins, note that it’s practically impossible!)


The dress also features an option for tulle layers with an underskirt and also a faux sash.  I have a feeling that the layered tulle will be my next Mistletoe!  This dress is also perfect for adding little embellishments like ruffle trim on the sleeves and is perfect for pairing with dainty jewelry!  You can also mash some of the features from the Sapphire Layering Top like the ruffle and flutter sleeves onto the Mistletoe to give it more pizzaz!

Note that I did add a bit of piping to the black/white dress.  This is the only modification that I made that is not in the pattern.  I’m not sure that I would add it again since it did make the dress a little harder to get on – not that it stopped Ruby from wearing it 3 times last week and again for Santa pics this weekend!


So as my little Rue waits for her kiss under the Mistletoe (from Daddy, of course), grab your copy while it’s on sale for the release!

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