Down South, it doesn’t get all that cold.  But when the first cold front of the season blows through, my kids LOVE to be cozy!


They are growing like weeds and outgrew the robes a made a year or so ago.  When deciding to make new items for them, I also ask for their input.  They’ve become very specific and particular (which I LOVE)!

I whipped up these Comfy Cozy Robes from Peekaboo Pattern Shop in no time!  My daughter chose a zebra minky fleece with a neon pink accent!  This totally suits her sassy personality!

My 6 year old is newly head over heels for Pokemon.  I don’t get it, but as long as there is fabric to match his obsession, I will make him clothing from it!

The pattern is so fun and features a cowl neck or a hood.  Oversized pockets provide tons of room for goodies and treasures (making note as we speak to check pockets before washing robes!).  The sleeves feature an accent cuff as an option.  I love doing this option because I can roll up the sleeves and they can have room to grow!

I am not a fan of turning small tubing inside out (even with a turning stick) – so I used fold over elastic for the belt loops and hanging loop and it was amazing!

I also made their Christmas PJs….but more on that in another post…so stay tuned!


* This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links and purchasing the patterns, I receive a small commission.

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