Rue thinks she’s 14 or 16 or 30 — anything older than 4.5!  She pays attention to what other people wear and how they wear it, especially the big girls (you know, the girls older than 4.5)!  I jokingly told her that I was only making one pair of Peekaboo‘s Juniper Jeggings because they made her look so grown up!  And especially sassy when paired with this Rosemary Raglan!


Amy knocked this one out of the park!  The Juniper Jeggings are so close to ready to wear that this past week I played the “store bought” or “mommy made” game with my kids!  They were fooled every time (and they know my sewing quality!)!!!


These take a bit longer to make than the Lollipop Leggings because of the topstitching options, pockets and back yoke.  But it is SOOOOO worth it!  The pattern features 3 lengths (I made capri length for testing which was perfect because our weather is flip flopping every day).

I used both my sewing machine and my cover hem for topstitching.  My sewing machine for the pockets and any parts with corners; my coverhem for the straight lines.  I did not use a twin needle on my sewing machine; instead I went back around twice.  For me, the stitches came out better on the cornered parts (and frankly I have no idea how to go around 90 degree corners with a double needle or a coverhem!!).


I made this pair out of French Terry with lycra from the Peekaboo Fabric Shop.  It comes in a rainbow of colors and is a great weight for all seasons!  By doing the topstitching in an accent color, it really makes them look store bought!  Cotton Lycra and jegging fabric are also great!  Peekaboo Fabric Shop has some and I also grabbed some from Knit Pop that I really love (no pics of those yet…but stay tuned!  They’re on the machine today).  If you use a stretch denim or something a bit heavier, there are tips in the tutorial on sizing.

So grab some fabric, grab your pattern and start sewing!!!

* This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links and purchasing the patterns, I receive a small commission.

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