The big Simple Life Pattern Company sale is almost over.  Today I wanted to show you a quick peek at something I discovered…how to make Tessa’s Every Dolman REVERSIBLE!  I am all about getting the most out of my patterns.  When patterns can be reversible, that’s even better…not that my kids spill or wipe their dirty hands all over their shirts!!

When choosing your fabrics, I recommend something that isn’t very heavy or stiff and that you can’t see through.  I used some seersucker from my stash.  Start by cutting your pattern.  I made this one on the shirt length, so I cut 4 pieces (a front and a back out of each print).  There’s no need to cut the neck facing piece.  I also left off the elastic button closure.


With right sides together, sew the matching front and back together at the shoulder seams (you’re doing this for both prints).  Then lay the pieces out flat, right sides together, lining up the neck line.  Matching the shoulder seams and the V at the neckline, stitch around the entire neckline, starting at one shoulder seam and continuing all the way around.  Clip corners and into the V without clipping the stitching.   (I forgot to take a picture with it laid out, but this is what it looks like when you’re finished that step!).


Next, sew the side seams of each print (from edge of “sleeve” to bottom of shirt).   Push one side in the other with wrong sides together.  Press the neck line well.  You can topstitch the neckline 1/8″ away from the edge.

Sewing side seams with right sides of each print together

I made my own double fold bias tape to go around the bottom of the shirt since I didn’t have a store bought color that matched.  It was super easy and there are a million videos on YouTube on how to do this.  Store bought double fold bias tape works great also!


I sewed the bias tape along the bottom of the shirt.


To finish the sleeves, I simply turned the edges in 1/2″, pressed and topstitched them together.  I used Wonder Tape to hold the sleeve fabrics together while I topstitched.  Wonder Tape is amazing and completely dissolves after your first washing of the garment.


Viola!  Two, two, two shirts in one!!

If you haven’t grabbed your Tessa’s Everyday Dolman yet, HURRY!!!  The sale ends in just a few days!  This is a new release pattern and is on sale for 25% off!  You can sew it with knits and wovens too!

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