We have had some wacky weather this year. Unseasonably warm for a few weeks and then a cold snap that drops the temperatures down 40 degrees overnight.  It’s so hard to figure out what to wear!


When I saw the Jasper Vest from Petite Stitchery, I knew this would be a winner in our house.


This vest is so fun because it uses fur or sherpa!  You can make it as fluffy or tame as you’d like!  Ruby loves that it has inseam pockets too!

In New Orleans, even on the coldest day, I’m not sure that a completely fur lined vest would work.  So, I just sewed the front lining panels in fur for this one.  The back lining is made from quilting cotton.  The outer shell is a light weight whale corduroy.


It’s still the perfect layer for a hike on a cool-for-us day!

Hop over to Petite Stitchery & Co. to check out the rest of the Boho Collection for the big release!  This collection will be on sale through Sunday, Feb. 26th.   The one thing I love about Petite Stitchery is that they release their patterns in mix and match collections!  You can click here to grab the entire collection bundle!

Also be sure to check out the rest of the amazing collections from some of the Petite Stitchery testers and bloggers!  You can get the latest info and some awesome ideas in the Petite Stitchery & Co Fans Facebook Group!


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