I’ve admired all of the gorgeous patterns from JillyAtlanta for a while now.  Classic look patterns are hard to come by; most look frumpy or have that “what were they thinking” look to them!  Jill’s patterns have a simple style which makes them have a timeless, elegant look.

Meet Marlow.


Marlow features a plain front bodice (which I sewed) or a gorgeous ruffle front bodice.  The ruffles are fully enclosed so they aren’t bothersome to the wearer.  The back closes with a 4 button placket (easiest placket EVER).


I chose slightly larger buttons for the back.  These are 1″, but 1/2″ buttons can also be used.


The skirt has two length options – knee length or a slightly shorter vintage length.  I chose the vintage length for Ruby!  Ruby wore this dress all over the park for our photo shoot.  She skipped, ran, jumped and climbed and we never had an “I see your undies, put your dress down” moment!


Sleeve lengths included in the pattern are short and elbow.  The elbow length also has an optional ruffle, which will make it more like 3/4 length.

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about this little pocket.  Oh this little pocket!  It seriously took my breath away when I first saw it!  It’s so dainty, but totally functional and fun!  By attaching to the dress with two small buttons on the front of the bodice, it is also removable (which is good when you need to wash all of the dirt out!!).  I made my pocket reversible too (there are instructions included in the pattern to do so).  One little trick that I used to attach the pocket is using a hair tie.  I didn’t have the right kind of cording and I wanted a pop of color.  Necessity is the mother of invention, right?!  We have a rainbow of these all around the house, so it was only a matter of finding two that were the same color!  That was more challenging than sewing the entire dress!!

The pattern also features french seams.  I was blown away by how professional the finished garment is with these french seams!  Jill pays such close attention to detail on every step and her patterns are so easy and fun to follow.

You can click here grab Marlow today on sale for the release!  I can’t wait to see your creations!

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