If you follow me on my blog, Facebook or Instagram, you know that Ruby is equal parts princess and tom-boy.  She can play in the dirt with the best of them, but she also loves pretty dresses!

This is the newly released Gala Party Dress from Peekaboo Pattern Shop.  Can you tell by her face that she totally loves this dress?


The bodice features a sweetheart neckline and a lace overlay.  It’s so simple and sweet!

This particular version features 8, count them EIGHT, layers of tulle overlay!  The pattern recommends 2-10 layers of tulle.  I figured she would want a good bit of poof to her skirt and I like how the tulle lays nicely against the skirt lining.  I was a bit nervous when cutting it all out that it would be over-the-top poofy, but it really isnt!  It’s worth mentioning that I used two colors and types of tulle.  For the 4 bottom layers I used a darker purple matte tulle.  For the top 4 layers I used a lighter purple shiny tulle.  You can’t really notice a difference in color.  I love the shiny tulle on the top to give it a little pop.  Glitter tulle is a personal preference for some.  I am not a fan of it because you will never ever ever get rid of the glitter.  Good thing is that you won’t lose your kid because there will be a cute sparkly trail of glitter!

The lining fabric is matte backed satin.  I really recommend taking your time when cutting your fabric.  Special occasion fabric is slippery.  I found that the matte backing helped a little, but I did have a little shifting.


I made my own bias tape for this dress.  Our local stores didn’t quite have the exact shade to match the satin I chose.  Cutting instructions are provided in the pattern if you’d like to cut and create your own bias tape.  Also there are a million YouTube videos on how to construct it.  I personally love this video by Dana from MADE Everyday and refer to it all the time!


I’d put the Gala Party Dress at an intermediate level of sewing simply because of the invisible zipper.  If you’ve never done an invisible zipper, this should not scare you away!  All of the Peekaboo Pattern Shop patterns have very clear instructions AND photos to walk you through each step.   This was only my second time ever installing an invisible zipper.  It’s just like a regular zipper, except you need to sew VERY close to the teeth to ensure that it will be invisible on the outside of the dress.  This took a few tries for me to get it just the way I wanted it.  I am usually excited and in a hurry when I’m sewing and I need to learn to slow down for steps like this!

When I signed up to test, I was sort of bummed because I knew we didn’t have any weddings in the near future and don’t usually get fancy for Easter.  Well, the day that I finished this dress, I received an email from Ruby’s school informing parents of a tea party for her class!  She doesn’t have many events like this and she begged to wear this dress!  I quickly emailed the school and they gave the all clear!  She is over-the-moon about this tea party!  I love that she can feel like a princess on her special day!


The Gala Party Dress can be easily paired with the Basic Bolero for cooler evenings or events.  It’s already warm down in South Louisiana (as you can see from the blooms at the beautiful Botanical Gardens at City Park), so the sleeveless bodice suits us just fine!

I was able to purchase all of my fabric and supplies at my local Joann Fabrics.  I’m touchy feely when it comes to fabric.  Most of the fabric was on sale too, which was nice!


Grab your Gala Party Dress pattern for 15% off today only (3/16).  I can’t wait to see what you create!

* This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links and purchasing the patterns, I receive a small commission.

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2 replies on “It’s Time for the Gala!

  1. Kasey, this is over the top (in a good way)! I am not going to get it right now, but I am already excited about the invisible zipper (I bought a special presser foot for that purpose months ago and haven’t used it yet) because it’s on my 2017 “to overcome” list. And I haven’t sewn with tulle, I don’t think. We are going on a cruise in August and I see this as “elegant night” perfection!!! Miss Ruby looks lovely. I hope she enjoys her tea party.

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