Everyone loves a well dressed man, or so the song goes!  My husband owns a fitness center and his work clothes consist of gym t-shirts and gym polos.  He’s mainly a t-shirt and jeans type of guy.  However, when we go out for date nights or for a fun day in town, he loves a good button-up shirt!  The ones that normally catch his eye are in the foo-foo boutiques and they are $60-$100 each!  As you know, I spend money on fabric, but I have a really hard time spending that much on one shirt, especially knowing that I can make it better and for less!


I was lucky to test the Yukon Button-Up last year when it debuted.  This pattern rivals store bought button-ups with its construction and the topstitching details make for a very professional finish.

It’s usually pretty warm where we live, so I’ve mainly made the short sleeved versions.   The pattern features a finished measurements chart, which makes sizing spot on.  If you have doubts when figuring out which size to sew, you can measure against a store bought one he already owns.


I will give you a little tip…wash your fabric before sewing!  Even woven fabrics can shrink a tad.  I made this long sleeve Yukon the day before we left on a vacation.  I was in a hurry and didn’t wash the fabric first.  He tried it on after I sewed it and the fit was spot on, as usual.  Then I washed it to remove the marking pen marks.  When he tried it on as he was packing, he discovered that IT SHRUNK!  I had to completely undo the sleeves and cuffs and let it all out so that it would fit!  Luckily he can still roll the sleeves up and it looks great!

As far as closures go, you can do buttons or snaps.  The Dear Stella Hipster Barbershop printed Yukon features metal snaps from Snap Source.  The rest of the Yukons featured have buttons.


The Yukon Button-Up looks great in flannel, quilting cotton, chambray and shirting fabrics.  It was a warm winter here, so the flannel I bought is still in a pile for next year!   The plaid, long sleeve Yukon is made from shirting fabric.  All of the others were made using quilting cotton.  It’s a great shirt for all seasons!


He’s also paired his Yukons a sports coat and khakis when we go to the symphony for a dressier look.  So whether he’s heading to work or to a family picnic, the Yukon will be a staple in his wardrobe for years to come!  Click here to grab your pattern!

* This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links and purchasing the patterns, I receive a small commission.

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