I’m so excited to be a part of the Sloane Sweater Tour for Love Notions!  Whenever we do tours, I have such a hard time coming up with hacks or new options to add to the patterns because there are already so many amazing options included!

I’ll admit – I’m a sucker for split hems!  In all of my Pinterest searches (because who has time to go to the actual mall to research what’s trending), there were split hems everywhere!  And boy, was I in luck when I realized I could mash the split hem from the Terra Tunic with the Sloane Sweater (View A)!  This doesn’t dramatically change the look, but gives you just one more option to add variety to your pattern!

So to do this hack, I printed my size in the Sloane Sweater and Terra Tunic (for Terra, you’ll just need to print the front and back pieces).  I traced all but the bottom edge of Sloane onto parchment paper then I laid Terra on top.  I lined them up at the armscye and along the side seam; the lines aren’t perfect, but it is close enough!  I decided that I didn’t want a dramatic split hem (Terra’s split hem is 2.5″), so I simply went with the center front bottom of Sloane.  So, I folded the bottom of Terra to meet the bottom center of Sloane.  Then I traced the bottom edge and split hem edge and blended the lines to meet Sloane.

Next, I followed the instructions for Terra to stitch the split hem.  I sewed about 1″ into the split hem seam, pressed the split hem open and completed the bottom hem as instructed in Terra.

It was so quick and easy!  This Sloane Sweater is made with a baby french terry from the Peekaboo Fabric Shop.  It is so super soft and has a great drape and feels like something super expensive!

Looking for more Sloane ideas?!  This is just the beginning of a week-long tour!  You can check out the rest of the bloggers each day to see their amazing hacks and simple tricks to get even more out of Sloane.


**This post may contain affiliate links.  By clicking on the links and purchasing the patters/fabric, I receive a small commission.  Thank you for your support!
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